What is REALLY going on at Centurylink?

Why was my service not installed as I had ordered? The speed installed is less than what I ordered!

That is a great question and one that many customers ask. As employees of Centurylink sometimes we find ourselves having to answer tough questions about their service and/or experience. We are the face of the company, after all, and we deal with the public everyday and these types of questions. We know something about the company’s business practices and how they affect customer service. One of the things that we talk about with the company during bargaining is how their business practices and policies affect service. Decisions about how work is scheduled, or whether or not to improve facilities, affects everyone involved: The company, its employees, and its customers.

Can CWA change company policies at the bargaining table?

Every time we bargain with Centurylink we raise these issues. Its not just about dollars and cents for us as employees. Its also about being able to do our jobs safely and efficiently, and also about providing world class customer service. Fair wages and good benefits are important, no doubt about it. But if we only focus on dollars and cents then we not are addressing important issues that affect how the company operates and how it takes care of our customers. We need the company to meet us halfway, however. We can and do make proposals about these issues, but as long as the company gets to decide how to run its business without the input from its employees then everyone suffers: company, employees, and customers. As long as the company’s focus is its budget instead of the future of the business, then it is a real challenge for us at the bargaining table.

What is Link2Success (L2S) and how does that affect customers?

L2S is a metrics program that Centurylink uses to measure a technicians ability to do his or her job. The program is flawed, however, and does not take into consideration Company business practices that affect how we do our jobs. If the company’s priority is for jobs to be done as fast as possible, that affects the way we do each job. Ask yourself: if a job is done fast is it done correctly? When it comes to L2S and how our performance is measured, speed is the company’s priority. We understand we are accountable for our performance. We just want the company to use performance metrics that reflect reality about how we do our jobs and how we make sure we are providing world class customer service. That’s why we want to fix L2S at the bargaining table. Unless and until the company agrees to bargain with us, however, our hands are tied.

Why is any of this important to us as customers?

All employees at Centurylink are required to work and behave in accordance with the Unifying Principles. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THEM) (At the end of this page will be a document detailing the principles that is available publicly.) These principles demand that we conduct ourselves with the utmost honesty and integrity when dealing with each other and our customers both internal and external. As bargained employees we do this NOT JUST because it’s company policy but because we believe its the right thing to do. Each and every employee in the company, including senior leadership, is bound by these principles. AND WE BELIEVE THAT YOU, OUR CUSTOMERS, SHOULD BE TREATED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THESE PRINCIPLES, TOO! (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ENTIRE UNIFYING PRINCIPLES GUIDE AVAILABLE PUBLICLY)

Who can I contact about this? I want to help!

Greg Douglas – CWA Local 3176 President (321) 795-8083 GregDouglas@cwa3176.org

Wesley Kirby – CWA Local 3176 Vice-President – WesleyKirby@cwa3176.org

Or ask any technician for their managers contact information. Additionally, you can contact Centurylink CEO Jeff Storey at 318-388-9000 or via email at Jeff.Storey@centurylink.com

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